Five habits to supercharge your life

Life is not as complicated as we perceive. Our thoughts make it complicated. we sometimes fail to see the simple solution to our problem and get us entangled in the thread of thoughts. In this blog post, I will write about five habits which will support you in daily life. I have been searching for that one perfect combination of techniques which will be able to support the life throughout its time span. I found one, which I am going to Share with you on a hope that it may help you too.

Importance of habit:

Habit is something which we form by doing one task repetitively. The proverb says- “Practice makes a man perfect”. If we elaborate this a little further then we can conclude that a set of tasks when practices frequently it forms habits. If those habits are favourable to our long-term life goal then the man in the example will be perfect, and if the habits turned to unfavourable then the man will end up in mess.
In yogic culture, your body has been divided into three categories namely Food Body, Mind Body & Life Body. Our target will be to deploy a set of habits to manage these elements perfectly.
After many trial & errors for the last couple of months, I have figured out that following habits, if practised religiously on daily basis, will serve our purpose efficiently. The activities are as follows:-

  • Meditation
  • Physical Exercise
  • Writing Diary
  • Maintaining a Calender( or GTD app of your choice) for scheduling
  • Eating healthy food

Now I am going to tell you what each activity will do to your biological machine that you lovingly call ‘My Body’. The order in which they appear below signifies their priority level.

(1) Meditation:-

If you practice meditation on daily basis for a continuous period of at least one year then it will remove most of the blockage and self-contradictory rules in your mind which you created unconsciously. It will reduce friction and stress level dramatically and improve your overall life experience. Meditation is the prime activity in the set of the prescribed five activities because it tweaks and fixes your subconscious mind which is generally out of your reach. More you are calm in your inner mind more you will be able to perform better in all other activities of life.

(2) Eating Healthy Food:-

You know the importance of eating healthy food already. You already know what is healthy for eating and what is not. I suggest you Neither fall prey to the concept of dieting nor craving towards specific food. Please listen to your body and eat what is required to keep the body healthy and active.

(3) Physical Exercise:-

Assume your body as CPU. You manage the codes and scripts of your operating system(mind) through meditation, but you know you also need to clean up dust and impurities in the CPU physically. You cannot open up this biological CPU but you can keep this snappy by doing free-hand exercise for at least fifteen minutes on daily basis.

(4) Writing Diary:

Do you use CCleaner on your Windows PC or Android phone to clean up Junk file? Certainly, you do it on regular basis. You have also noticed that if you do not clean junk files for a long time your computer’s performance drops significantly. For this biological computer which is your Body, we will use a Diary on daily basis to dump junk files of the mind. You know, on day to day functioning we create a lot of unnecessary as well as necessary thoughts and feelings consciously and unconsciously.

If we do not clean it up on daily basis then it will slow us down towards our goal. Therefore, we will write a diary on daily basis to release the day’s burden of thoughts and emotions. If you do not care to clear this on regular basis, those junk files in your mind may create malicious software in your mind. You should write your thoughts and emotions in your diary without censoring and filter it.

I know it feels so embarrassing to even observe that I have generated this nasty thought written by me in a diary, but there is no way other than releasing it in the diary to attain peace of mind. If you fear that your privacy may be breached if you become completely open to your diary then write your thoughts on loose paper and destroy that afterwards.

(5)Maintaining Schedule:

so far you have managed your system to work efficiently. Now you need a plan in your hand to start your day. You may use many productivity apps like Toodledo, Nirvana, My Life Organized, Google Calendar etc. to schedule your day.
I prefer to manage my schedule in Google Calendar because it serves all my requirement pretty efficiently.You should find one which suits you best.

Personally, I have yet not been able to accomplish the habit of doing physical exercise on daily basis. However, I reap the tremendous benefits in my daily life that other four habits offer. Let me know your views, experience and suggestions in the comment section. Thank You.


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